Motorized Projector Screen Reviews

If you’re a person who attends a lot of meetings, chances are, you’ve
come across motorized projection screens. They’re automatic extendable screens that can be operated at the press of a button. They’re usually located in the screen’s body or somewhere near it. In earlier times, projection screens used to be clumsy, gigantic devices that were a pain to pull out, set up, retract and store. Not any more. Motorized projection screens enclose an entire screen into a single module and can be rolled down whenever required.

What are Motorized Projection Screens?

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Screen Innovation Motorized Projector Screen

They’re specialized projection screens with an inbuilt motor that extends or retracts the screen as required. Usually found at offices and in conference halls, motorized projection screens offer a great way of saving space. They also help preserve the aesthetic appeal of the place they’re installed in. Their most common use is in presentations, but with the advent of home projectors, many motorized projection screens can be found being used at homes as well. Basically, motorized projection screens make the job of setting up a screen much easier and less time consuming.

How Motorized Projection Screens Work

Motorized projection screens are essentially retractable projection screens that are operated by a motor. They consist of an enclosed frame inside which there is a rotatable cylinder. The screen is fixed to the cylinder at one end and is weighted down on the other end. It goes up and down as the cylinder rotates on its axis. Whenever the screen needs to be deployed, the press of a button makes the cylinder rotate to release the screen. When the screen is not required, another press of the button makes the cylinder rotate in the opposite direction and the screen goes right back in. Manual retractable screens do the same thing, but Motorized Projection Screens take it a step further and automate the process.

Benefits of Using Motorized Projection Screens

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Elite Screens VMAX235XWV PLUS3 Electric Projection Screen

Whether they’re installed at your office, home or classroom, motorized projections screens save a lot of space and time. With these screens, you no longer have to struggle to roll out a screen and set it up. Since motorized projection screens keep the screen in an enclosed space, it always remains sharp and bright without collecting any dust or damage. Due to the low probability of damage to screen material, motorized projection screens can even be made of sensitive reflective materials that offer better clarity and sharpness.

Motorized Projection Screens, Buying Tips

While buying motorized projection screens, it’s essential to know the kind of projector you’re going to use them with. There are different kinds of motorized projection screens depending on size, screen material and style. There are different types of screens for front projection and back projection. You also need to know whether your projector is HD or not. HD projectors need screens of specific sizes and dimensions. Powerful projectors need special screens that are meant for them. It’s always better to cross check projector compatibility with the seller before buying motorized projection screens.

What are the Best Motorized Projection Screens?

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AccuScreen HDTV Electric Projector Screen

Good projection screens offer a combination of durability, ruggedness, style and dependability. You wouldn’t want a screen stuck inside the casing just before a presentation begins. Some of the good brands that make excellent motorized projection screens are Redleaf, Grandview, LJMorgan and Screen Innovations. Some other brands also provide customization options on their motorized projection screens so you get to choose casing colors and designs that blend in with your office interiors.

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